10 Weight Loss Foods to Help You Lose Weight

10 Weight Loss Foods to Help You Lose Weight
Ripe grapes
Ripe grapes

Weight Loss Fresno wants to help you lose a few pounds.

Whether you are trying to lose 20 or 200 pounds you must have a strict diet and exercise regime that you will stick with, if you want to get the desired results. Your meals should be nutritious and keep you full so you are less tempted to nibble on sugary, fatty snacks and treats. There are 10 weight loss foods in particular that are helpful to include in a diet plan.

These are foods that will help you lose weight.


Salads of course are one of the top weight loss foods. Lettuce, which is the primary ingredient in any salad, is made up mostly of water. Garden salads are the healthiest because you have all the other yummy veggies such as tomatoes, cucumber and green pepper. You can mix salads up and make them however you want to enjoy them. There are some really kooky combinations like salad with almonds, blueberry and lemon which may sound like a weird combination but it is actually quite delicious.


Grapes are a delicious fruit and should be included in your diet plan as well. Coming in as the second weight loss food to help you lose weight, grapes are easy to bring along in a Ziploc bag for snacking on through the day.


Oranges are also helpful with weight loss. Oranges are juicy and a great breakfast idea. They have only 48 calories and because you can break an orange up into small pieces it will take you longer to eat it and your body has time to sense that you are getting full.


One of the most surprising top ten weight loss foods is potatoes. Most people make the mistake of thinking potatoes always have to be avoided if you want to stay in shape. It actually has to do with the way the potatoes are cooked. Obviously if you have deep fried potatoes or a baked potato with a pound of sour cream, it is not going to the most nutritious thing you could eat.

On the other hand, when you make potato cakes and bake them in the oven or eat them boiled they can make a great addition to any diet.

There are also:

high fiber cereals which leave you feeling full longer,
blueberries which are full of antioxidants and

Your diet never has to be boring. Just because you are trying to lose weight and get in shape that does not mean you have to eat the same thing over and over. There are so many delicious and unique recipes you can follow using these and other healthy ingredients. Mix it up and see what different dishes you can come up with on your own.

There is unfortunately no magic diet but when you eat the right foods it will be that much easier for you to shed those unwanted pounds. These are some of the best foods to help when you are trying to lose weight. Always eat everything in moderation and work out regularly and you should see results in no time.

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