Before your surgerySpecific to Otoplasty, we

Before your surgerySpecific to Otoplasty, we

Before your surgery

Specific to Otoplasty, we would recommend that you wash your hair the evening before surgery. The bandage will be on for 7-10 days continuously and during this time you will not be able to wash your hair.

If you are a smoker, or take aspirin or any other medication, your Surgeon will wish to discuss this with you at your consultation. Your Surgeon will advise you when you are to discontinue and/or resume these activities.

The day of your surgery

The Surgeon will visit you in your room and may mark the ears with a pen in preparation for your surgery. He will also obtain your final consent at this time and give you a chance to ask any final questions.

The Local Anaesthetic will involve having injections around the ear to make them numb and is similar to that of a dental injection. You will feel a stinging sensation for a few seconds and then the operation will be painless. The Surgeon will apply a turban-like bandage and this should not be removed for 7-10 days, or until advised by your Surgeon. Once the anaesthetic wears off, you will experience some discomfort and painkillers will be available to you.

Going home

Your Surgeon will advise you about when you can return to work – however, most people will return once the bandage is removed. There may be some residual bruising at this stage, but the scars will now be well hidden behind the ears. Once the bandages and any sutures are removed, we recommend regular hair washes/showers to clean behind the ear – avoiding rubbing, as the ear will remain tender for a while. For a further 7-10 nights we recommend you wear a sports headband to protect the ears whilst in bed.