Nutritional Healing and Detoxification

Nutritional Healing and Detoxification


For thousands of years, we human beings ate simply prepared plant and animal foods from our local environment. The air, water and land were clean. Physical activity was part of everyday life and necessary for survival. This was the world in which humankind evolved.

Two major changes in this world occurred in the last half of the 20th century. Changes that can negatively affect the human race not only now but for generations to come, unless we act to reverse it.

Our diet and the quality of our environment have changed more radically in the past 50 years than the last 40,000. These changes were brought about by the chemical and processed food industries.

These conveniences have caused an epidemic of preventable lifestyle-based disease.

Cardiovascular disease, Type II diabetes, cancer, obesity, inflammatory and auto-immune diseases has exploded in the last half century, affecting even grade school children.


  • Since the 60’s the obesity rate in the United States has doubled for adults.
  • Today’s youngsters may be the first generation with a shorter lifespan than their parents. One in three are overweight.
  • Since World War II, an estimated 85,000 chemicals have been registered for use in the United States. Only a small percentage have been tested for safety.
  • Researchers have found over 200 chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of newborns.
  • Toxic compounds are now found in wildlife around the globe: Arctic polar bears, seabirds in England and Orca whales in the Pacific.
  • The Inuit of Alaska may be forced to give up the traditional diet of their ancestors due to high toxin levels in the seals and whales that they have hunted for centuries.
  • Exposure to toxins even before pregnancy can affect not only one’s immediate offspring, but up to four generations.
  • Male fish in lakes and rivers from Ontario, Canada, to the Washington D.C. area, and the Central Valley of California have been found to contain eggs. Xenoestrogens (chemicals which act in the body like estrogen) from plastics, pesticides and other manmade products leaking into the water supply are to blame for these affects on the fish’s reproductive system.
  • A partial list of problems linked to toxins in our environment, food, water and everyday household products :

Hyperactivity and behavior problems


Early puberty and increased risk of breast cancer in girls

Impaired sexual development in boys



The good news is that you can fight back and protect yourself and future generations from the effects of toxins and unhealthy foods with scientifically proven methods that are safe, natural and effective.

I offer two therapeutic lifestyle programs, Natural Detoxification and Firstline Therapy. These programs combine the findings of modern research with the wisdom of traditional medicine to help you restore, improve and maintain your health with personal support and customized assessments and plans. These programs will also empower and educate you in creating a healthy, energetic mind and body for life.


I am dedicated to being as healthy as possible. I eat a good diet, exercise and get regular acupuncture treatment.

So I was surprised when I began to feel tired most of the time, somewhat depressed and disinterested in things that I used to enjoy. I was foggy-headed and experienced memory loss. I thought maybe it was burn out, but even a great vacation to the Outer Banks did not help. Blood tests came back normal. I wasn’t sick, but I was not well.


In my search for solutions, I discovered that today we are exposed to toxins that did not even exist a few generations ago. They are everywhere: we are exposed through our diet, our drinking water, common household items and the very air that we breath.


Around the same time as the chemical industries came into being, processed foods came on the scene. As our lifestyles became more sedentary, our traditional diet changed in order to create products that packaged and shipped well, lasted on the shelf, and above all, kept us coming back for more with loads of fat, salt and sugar.

Our bodies, assaulted internally and externally by hitherto unknown foods and chemicals, developed new diseases in new ways. New ways to combat this were obviously needed.

(I learned that both environment toxins and undiagnosed food sensitivities can produce symptoms just like the ones I was experiencing. What to do?)


Traditional and natural medicines have alway included some form of detoxification as a way to maintain health.

But the traditional methods had developed in the context of a cleaner diet and environment than today’s. A new version was needed to cope with our modern lifestyle. I learned of a modern improvement to detoxification methods, a program based on published work by renowned scientists and researchers

I tried the program and in just a few days I started to feel changes. I had much more energy and I could think more clearly than I had in a long time. My mood lifted; I felt excited and enthusiastic about life again! My first hand experience inspired me to seek training in this effective program.


  • doesn’t involve fasting-you will never be hungry!
  • nourishes and rejuvenates your body as you cleanse.
  • has been tested in laboratory and clinical trials.
  • is proven to remove toxins-even heavy metals.
  • also removes internally created toxins caused by stress, allergies and food sensitives.
  • helps you to discover what foods are right for you.
  • deals with a myriad of health issues, from cancer prevention to ADD, allergies and inflammatory diseases.


Humanity has evolved over the last 40 thousand years eating plant and animals foods from a clean and pure environment.

It has only been in the past 40 to 50 years, as we have been exposed to processed foods and thousands of man-made chemicals in our environment, that an epidemic of cardiovascular disease, Type II Diabetes, obesity, inflammatory and auto-immune diseases and other health issues has exploded.

The negative health effects of this devolution from traditional diet and lifestyle can only be countered by a

powerful evolution in natural treatment methods.

Nutrigenomics studies the effect of nutrition on genetic expression. The way in which genes express various characteristics can be turned on or off by many environmental factors, such as diet, nutrition and exposure to toxins .

This constantly developing field demonstrates that good diet isn’t just about fat and caloriesbut how food affects the way that our bodies function- down to the level of the cells and even our genes, triggering the expression or repression of the genes associated with many chronic diseases. The valuable insights of nutrigenomics take the field of nutrition and lifestyle to a new level of efficacy, allowing powerful interventions in diseases formerly seen as responding only to pharmaceuticals.

You may have inherited your mother’s gene for heart disease or your grandfather’s for colon cancer, but that doesn’t have to predict your health status.

A solution is here:

FirstLine Therapy

FirstLine Therapy is a therapeutic lifestyle program based on recommendations from:

The American Heart Association

The American Lung Association

The American Diabetes Association

The American Cancer Society

The National Institutes of Health

FirstLine Therapy was designed by a team of phytochemists, MDs, nutritionists, biochemists, clinicians and researchers to promote healthy genetic expression through proper diet, supplementation, exercise and the only FDA approved medical foods on the market.

FirstLine Therapy is a natural alternative to prescription drugs for people withobesity, cardiovascular disease and/or Type II Diabetes, auto-immune or inflammatory disease, osteoporosis and other chronic illnesses.

However, you don’t have to be in poor health to benefit from FirstLine Therapy. FLT is your owner’s manual for the human body, no matter what shape you may be in.

FLT protects and maintains good health, improves mental and physical functioning and increases longevity. You will know it is working, because you will feel and look great !


Our culture’s focus on outward appearance leads us away from the importance of seeing obesity as a symptom in a systemic dysfunction. Excess weight is simply an outward sign that our body is not working right on the inside. Incorrect food choices not only make us fat, but change the way our bodies work, making it more difficult to lose weight and creating disease and malaise. And focusing on losing weight at all costs can actually create more fat in the future.


Even those who weigh and appear to be slender may have a condition called sarcopenic obesity.

Sarcopenic obesity is a loss of muscle mass accompanied by a relative excess of fat mass. Furthermore, the reduction in lean muscle mass (a key to healthy metabolism) makes it more difficult to lose the fat. Approximately 70% of the weight lost in most diets is comprised of lean muscle. This imbalance can lead to yo-yo dieting and the eventual inability to lose weight at all.

Slender folks can also suffer the effects of poor quality foods and imbalanced eating: fatigue, malaise and illness.

Numbers on the scale can be misleading; a complete BioImpedance Analysis can show the proportions of fat to lean mass, as well as other indicators of body functioning. More about theBIA later.


Many, if not most , “diets” focus on weight loss first and foremost. While this approach may produce gratifying short-term results, the proof is in maintaining the weight loss and creating a healthy body. Many programs rely on expensive and tasteless processed foods orunreasonably small portions to achieve results. So the dieter is doomed to failure with a program which is basically impossible to maintain.

“Diets” which use foods low in fat and calories but also low in quality cause weight loss through loss of lean muscle mass. This all too prevalent strategy also damages the body’s powerhouses- the cells- leading to fatigue, lowered immunity and illness.

The true purpose of food is to nourish us – a fact that we tend to forget in our culture. There is no need to be on a “diet” if we are educated making the right lifestyle choices. Balanced eating creates appropriate proportions of fat and lean body mass, provides the nutrients our bodies need for maximum health, energy and functioning and gives enjoyment and pleasure !


  • to guide you in making lifestyle choices that create energy, eliminate pain and prevent disease.
  • to provide honest, well researched information in the field of natural health.
  • to only offer the finest available products for detoxification, weight loss and maintenance of lean body mass.

FirstLine Therapy is a program that educates you for a lifetime of health and longevity !


  • Based on delicious Mediterranean-style diet created from normal, whole foods you can purchase at your grocer’s.
  • Your results are twice that achieved with diet alone by including two daily servings of a medical food. *
  • Based on a BioImpedance analysis of your body mass (fat/lean ratio), exercise leveland metabolism, you will receive an individualized, flexible and easy to follow food plan which includes :
  • What to eat…How much to eat…Menus…Recipes…and more.
  • You also will be guided in exactly how much exercise you need , so you get the maximum return on your effort !
  • Simple yet powerful techniques to make relaxation a daily part of your life .
  • Follow-up BioImpedance Analyses help you track your progress with precision and provide information to help make your program a perfect fit for you.
  • My one-on-one support sessions help you get the most from the program and customize it for your needs and wants!

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The information contained herein is not medical advice, nor should it substitute for medical care.