Pool Workouts For Fitness And Joy

Pool Workouts For Fitness And Joy

Although many fitness centers have it, if you have access to a pool, that may be the only gym you need to achieve a higher fitness level. Pool workouts can help you achieve greater health and muscle tone. They have less painful side effects and generally cause less injuries. If you’re already on a workout program, you can seamlessly add pool workouts into your routine for a more complete workout.

To help focus your water workout, it is recommended that you use a buoyancy belt to maintain your location and balance in the water and prevent putting stress on your back during the workouts. Aquatic dumbbells can also be used to perform this function. Aquatic dumbbells can be used in a greater variety of workouts than buoyancy belts, but many people don’t like having their hands tied up during their pool workouts.

You should consult with a physician before beginning any workout whether the reason is quick weight loss or just getting in better shape. It is also recommended that you work with a specialist in pool workouts to help you develop proper form for your workouts. The following is an overview of some popular pool workouts:

1. Crossover Crunches

Lie across the water on one side with your knees bent in to your chest. Then fold your feet and head towards each other. Repeat on the opposite side.

2. Diamond

Float vertically. Push the soles of your feet together with knees pointing in near opposite directions. Without feet coming apart, lift and lower your feet towards your buttocks.

3. Knee Crunch

Lie back in the water with your hips submerged and knees bent so that your lower legs are floating on the surface of the water. Use your abdominal muscles to curl your body forward until your knees reach your chest hen return to original position.

4. Knee Tuck

Take a deep breath and then lie facing downward in the water and dumbbells out to your sides. Pull your knees in to your chest then go back to your original position.

5. Oblique Twist

Lie back in the water with your legs together and your knees bent. Remain lying in the same position with your legs together while you move your knees down to one side and then back up and down to the other side and then back up.

6. Jack Knifes

Lie back in the water with your hips submerged and your knees bent so that your lower legs are floating on the surface of the water. Use your abdominal muscles to curl your body forward until your chest meets your knees. As you become more advanced, you can lessen the bend in your knees while doing this exercise until you don’t have to bend them at all. As you can see pool workout is not just fitness for men but for everyone.

Leave your Ego at the Door (0)

Posted 20 December, 2007 in Exercise apparel, Fitness Workout

One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard from a gym instructor was “Leave your ego at the door”. I was only a teenager the first time I heard that and being a teenager, I knew it all, so I didn’t take too much notice. “We’re in here to build muscle, and this guy is on about ego?”. Thats what I first thought. How naive I was….

It didn’t take me long to realise what that instructor was on about. I was training with a few friends from school, all of whom were bigger and stronger than myself. So perhaps it was for this reason that I never fell victim to my own ego. After all, I knew I wasn’t as strong as the other guys, so I had nothing to lose. If only the muscle heads review was around back then.

As for the other guys, they were constantly competing with each other to see who could lift the most weight. Whats wrong with a little competition you ask? Well, two main things. The first is that building muscle isn’t just about the amount of weight you lift. How you perform the exercise is extremely important. I learnt this from vince delmonte reviewed. There are a lot of factors that go into what I would call “good form”, but I can tell you, three 16 year old boys all trying to out-do each other is not one of them! I remember some of the guys getting a decent back workout when doing bicep curls, which is not the way to do it at all!

The second reason and definitely more important is safety. One of the days I was at the gym with my friends is a perfect example of this. sean nalewanyj reviewed could’ve shown me the real way to do this. We had all been using the leg press machine for a few weeks. As it is an exercise where you can quickly increase the weight, it was a recipe for disaster.

One day, one of the guys thought he would be the hero and let his ego take control of him. He loaded the machine up with about 450kg. He slowly moved the platform a couple of inches and managed to do a couple of half hearted reps. He’d already let the safety go, so it was all up to him from now on. On his final “rep” he went to lower the weight back when his legs just gave away. 450kg came racing down towards his face and to this day, I don’t know how he didn’t end up with his knees in his head.

Muscle Building Basics (0)

Posted 20 December, 2007 in Fitness Workout

I think the most common thing that keeps people out of the gym is fear. Fear of going into the gym and looking stupid. Fear of going into the gym and wasting your time. And I can understand this. I still remember what it was like when I first started lifting. I wish I knew about vince delmonte then.

I was only 16 and walking into the gym was pretty intimidating. There was all this fancy looking equipment and (even scarier) all these free weights lying around. Not to mention the big guys who looked like they would bite my head off if I looked at them the wrong way.

So what did I do? I educated myself. I made an appointment with an instructor and learnt the ropes. I learnt how to perform the exercises correctly and that really helped build my confidence. Now, I didn’t learn everything I know about bodybuilding that day, but it was enough to help me walk into the gym with a purpose.

Once I learnt the basics, I became hungry for more knowledge on how to build muscle. I knew it couldn’t be too hard (There are some pretty stupid people around) but at the same time I didn’t want to make myself a human guinea pig. Back then, the internet was young and unfortunately, there was a whole heap of crap on the internet. All sorts of guides on “Muscle Building For Beginners”. Definitely nothing like sean nalewanyj.

I’d read up on one site, only to find on the next site, that the first one was full of it, or so the second one claimed. Argh, I remember being pretty confused about the whole situation. I was determined to figure this out, it’s just that the solution didn’t seem to be making itself apparent.

So I thought “Stuff it”. I just decided to get in there and train as hard as I could. I continued what I was doing with the program that my instructor had given me. It might not have been the best, but I figured it would do the job.

And while my gains weren’t the best back then, I learnt a lot. Since I was in the gym quite often, I began to get to know some of the other regulars. I was lucky that I got to know one guy who taught me a heap about muscle building for beginners. As I learnt more and more from this guy, my results became apparent and my confidence skyrocketed.