Weight Loss Specialist

Weight Loss Specialist

Da Silva Health & Fitness is a health and fitness company, which was created by Nuno da Silva, Professional Personal Coach wich specialises in weight loss by developing all areas of your being.

Personal Training is where most people start their journey when they come to Da Silva Health & Fitness and it is all about staying motivated, getting results and getting them within the frame set up but it doesn’t stop there; with da Silva health & Fitness you get much more than that, you get an all in one solution to weight loss as well as a lifestyle change in which the priorities lie in getting you keep those pounds off by not only making you understand the reasons behind it but also through an unparalleled level of support that will take you from where you are to a healthier, stronger and confident being.

Nuno da Silva as well as every Trainer that works with him recognize and know that every client is an individual with different goals and different lifestyles so every client requires a bespoke programme to achieve their goals, it is a constant search for improvement not only physically but also a whole, therefore we try to guide everyone through the entire programme of health and fitness development, which includes not only your one to one session but also your diet and all the support services that i can help with so that you can be in full health.

At this stage and if required other paths and personal development programs will be introduced or advised according to the clients goal, such paths might include a programme of Massages (either deep massage or relaxation massage) to help the client center themselves as well as recover from the program set up, Yoga and Pilates in order to improve not only Core and Stability but also the mind, in order once again for the client to develop their whole inner and outer self into a more confident, able and healthy.

Da Silva Health & Fitness integrates a wide range of training methods to ensure that you get motivated and your body is always challenged in a wide range of ways.

Following your initial physical analysis session, Da Silva Health & fitness will develop a bespoke training programme that will fit your and only your goals, health condition and postural assessment, it will be designed to be progressive and challenging, taking you through all facets of fitness health, so that you get stronger, leaner, more flexible, stable and agile.

Da Silva Health & Fitness uses a gym in Central London, minutes away from Angel Station, Islington for all the gym based sessions but is also in Premier Mobile Personal Trainer specialist, as are all my other paths such as Yoga, Pilates and Massages, therefore a gym is not needed, most of my clients use their own home, the park or their office as their gym and i travel to all, not only making your life a lot easier but also making you more comfortable and i believe more apt to achieve the goals you set up to achieve.

Nuno da Silva is a fully qualified personal trainer and registered with REPS at level 4, which is the highest level at present (the body who governs personal trainers and fitness personnel in the industry). R0080628

Nuno da Silva is also qualified to a high level in a wide range of associated disciplines apart form the above speciality, these include:

- Kinetic Chain Level 1 Specialist

- GP Referral (the qualification necessary to work with people who come with a medical condition and are referred by their GP Doctor)

- Certificate in Nutrition Level 3

- Certificate in Group Circuit Training

- Certificate in Core Stability

- First Aid at Work Certificate

- Chronic Diseases Personal Training

- Toning and Body Sculpture

- Improving Strength, Flexibility and Endurance

Please note that every single fitness professional which works with Da Silva Health & Fitness adheres to the same standards and quality of service that Nuno da Silva provides and all are registered by REPS and hold worldwide recognized qualifications on their field, giving you the necessary peace of mind that you are being taught and taking care of by professionals of the highest standards.