Welcome to healthydietweb

Welcome to healthydietweb

Welcome to healthydietweb.com. My name is Janusz Krajewski and I'll be your personal weight loss coach.

I recommend 3 different products that will help you shed those pounds, drop those inches, and feel wonderful!

As a Special Incentive to get you to try the products and spread the word, I'll send you a:

  1. FREE weight loss guide with handy tips;
  2. FREE product brochure with detailed information on how to use the products;
  3. FREE tape measure to help document your results and inspire you;
  4. FREE tablet box so you can take your products wherever you go;
  5. FREE sample of our other great weight loss products.

I'm so sure you'll love our product, I'll even include a Free Sample to give to a friend! Your order also comes with ME! Your Personal Weight Loss Coach! I will contact you as soon as you place your order to help get you off on the right foot and HELP YOU SHED THOSE POUNDS AND INCHES ONCE AND FOR ALL! So click the ORDER NOW button below and get started TODAY!

I'm so excited to work with you I've included my personal phone number in the contact information below so you can even call me for a personal consultation!

Thermojetics® Green and Beige Herbal Tablets .

Thermojetics Green and Beige Herbal Tablets provide nutritional support via a boost of vitality. The two products work together to help produce a more desirable energy balance in the body. Formulated from a select blend of 12 vitalising botanicals, including ancient herbs from China and the Amazon and B-Vitamins. These botanicals help to invigorate your body's cells and maximise the benefits from the foods you eat.

Thermojetics Green* #0108

Thermojetics Beige #0115
Quantity: £ 27.50

Cell Activator 0104 .

This is an exceptionally powerful formula, supplying the body with special nutrients, B-Vitamins and a combination of botanical factors. Cell Activator is designed to help increase the absorption and effectiveness of your vitamin and mineral intake and support your body’s energy production, to help your body perform more efficiently. This remarkable formula, helps to maintain vitality and good health. When used daily, Cell Activator can contribute to your wellbeing. #0104
Quantity: £ 22.94

Formula 3 - Herbal Complex Tablets - 0111 . Vitamin C and Iron This unique vitamin, mineral and herbal formula, is designed to assist the body’s fluid balance. It’s loaded with vitamin C, an essential vitamin with antioxidant activity and potassium, a vital mineral that is often lacking in calorie-restricted diets. #0111
Quantity: £ 16.48
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