What are electronic cigarettes?

What are electronic cigarettes?

Are E-cigarettes a quit smoking aid or a new source of nicotine?

The electronic cigarette lit the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2009, but it is a hit with smokers, non-smoking and Governments?

The electronic cigarette was developed in China in 2004 and designed to replace to the smoking of tobacco cigarettes and cigars. Despite many countries indoor smoking bans difficult many smokers it implement to stop. The diversity of nicotine replacement products in no way replicate the smoking experience. The e-cigarette different, that it is both a nicotine delivery system and a smoking Simulator.

What is an electronic cigarette?

The e-cigarette, or e-CIG, consists of a mouthpiece with a cartridge that contains a nicotine solution, a heating element or worldwide, a battery, and finally a LED at the top of the e-cig. The e-cigarettes way function means that they contain also some electronics and an air mass meter. You come in various designs, often as a fake fountain pens can be used to discreetly or even as a replica cigarette.

Using an E-cigarette

The inhalation of on the mouthpiece enables the air mass meter which then switches to the heating element. A short burst of heat vaporizes a small amount of nicotine liquid which is then inhaled. At the same time that led to signal that the e-cigarette is properly and also to simulate the burning Ember of a real cigarette. Exhale to produce a “smoke” steam something similar such as tobacco, but the e-CIG itself will emit no smoke.

Are electronic cigarettes safe?

The largest component of the e-cigarette nicotine solution is propylene glycol. According to the us food and Drug Administration propylene glycol is safe for human consumption in food and medicines, but there is evidence suggesting that some people can cause chemical irritation inhale. Often other ingredients such as tobacco essence and flavors such as menthol are the taste of e-CIGS to improve. There is very little research on the long-term effects of this inhaled chemical cocktails. The World Health Organization has stated that the “, the no scientific evidence for the product safety and efficacy.” “confirm has” and the more research was necessary.

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E-cigarettes legal?

There is widespread confusion among the countries to be classified as e-cigarettes. At one end of the spectrum are, legally, and at the other end Australia is the United Kingdom and the United States, where sales of the product is that recently, that nicotine products, who neither tobacco nor stop smoking AIDS were classified as poisons, adapted. Hard to see how nicotine is a poison in one product but not in another. Many countries are choice for class of e-CIGS as medicines in addition to other nicotine replacement therapies, i.e. their have undergone similar security testing. E-cigarettes are however widely available on the Internet, so that the public demand can ask Governments with some urgency power to take decisions.

Are healthier than smoking tobacco E-cigarettes?

The e-cigarette is in many ways little different to current nicotine inhalers. However, the e-cigarette is pleasant, some fear that this then to more tobacco smoking can cause. However, the product is the well-known harmful effects of tobacco smoke should be welcomed so alone for this reason, removed. As if great to stop it smoking is questionable. But if there is a smoking tobacco given social stigma should it end the same pressure to nicotine addiction? This is a debate we will have very soon. www.StopSmokingHealth.com