Which is more important for weight

Which is more important for weight

Which is more important for weight loss: diet or exercise?

When lose weight, is it better to just eat normal and exercise? Or is it better to go on a low calorie diet and exercise?

I’ve recently heard that diet isn’t neccessarily guarenteed to give you weight loss, but exercise will.

If you choose the right foods without excessive fat content you can eat most anything you want. Portion size is the key along with an exercise program.
I’m a natural competitive bodybuilder and I can tell you 70% of how we end up looking for a show is diet related, 20% of what’s done at the gym (although the hardest part physically) and maybe 5% of supplements that work for you. Loosing weight is all about how much goes in Vs. how much goes out. 3500 calories is a pound….proper eating and exercise will work.




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