Beautiful Hairweev

Beautiful Hairweev

Welcome to the healthy hair and hairweeving site!!!

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Adrienne Hickey is a thirty year cosmetologist that specializes in changing, restoring or adding hair to create the perfect healthy hair scenario. Adrienne is a 20 year herbal remedy student and a 20 year trichology practitioner, which is someone that specializes in all aspects of hair issues as it relates to the body and product usage. Adrienne is known around the world as the “Hair solution Queen.”

Hair breakage, shedding, thinning, itching scalp, dry hair, hair that seem not to retain fresh relaxers are all issues that can be solved. All appointments start with a confidential consultation to map out a course of action that will allow you to see results in one to three visits.

Services we provide are:

Undetectable Hairweeving- using a time tested hairweeving machine, the machine has been used for over fifty years.

Lace wigs sales and service with no shaving

Customized Hair Replacement Units for men and women.

Customized Vacuum Pieces for alopecia offering life like results

These units are custom made to exact specification and offer life like results.

We use and sell only top quality commercial hair. Never packaged store bought hair.

My hair will not tangle, shed, or have to be removed when applying any chemical service. My hair still have the cuticle, thus performs just like natural hair.

Healthy relaxing services, coloring, precision cutting, Old fashion press and curl.