Cheat days – To have or not to have?

Cheat days – To have or not to have?

I just had my first cheat day in about 2 weeks. Yes it was well over due

If you are dieting for a particular event/goal or if you have just started improving your diet in the hope that you can transform the way you eat forever…please cheat.

I cannot stress how important a cheat day is. The biggest reason I advocate having one cheat day a week (at most!) is so that you do not give in to the cravings that you will have during the days that you are eating well. I am a huge proponent of eating in moderation but lets be honest, the amount we consider as moderation dramatically increases when we are faced by a chocolate gateau or a plate of chips. So if you are willing and able to cut down on the junk food, or in some cases give it up all together, you will have days when the sight of a junk food that you once indulged in makes you weak at the knees.

The best way to prevent yourself from giving in is to promise yourself that you will have one day in the week that you will treat yourself and eat whatever you want. You can pig out to your hearts content, make yourself sick on chocolate if you wish but only on that one day. That will allow you to remain steadfast for the rest of the week and help you forge an iron will that will not waiver in the face of food that looks and tastes great but is bad for you.

If you have reduced your carbohydrate intake considerably as most diets advocate or if you are on a slow-carb diet then the sudden spike in carbohydrates on that one day is great for you. Most diets will have you reducing your overall calorific intake and as a consequence over the course of the week your body’s Leptin (a hormone) levels will be reduced. I wont bore you with the science of Leptin but just know that a decrease of this hormone increases your hunger, cravings and slows down your metabolism. The sudden binge of food, calories and carbohydrates on the one day will help your Leptin levels recover and help you continue losing weight.

Improving your diet requires an incredible amount of will power and dedication. Having one cheat day a week (at most!) is the perfect way to keep yourself from giving in during times of weakness and also means you don’t miss out on the great junk food that you enjoy. You only live once right.

Stay smart, stay healthy and keep losing weight.

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