Does Acai Force Max Really Work? - Total Health Reviews

Does Acai Force Max Really Work? -		 Total Health Reviews

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Does Acai Force Max Really Work?

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Does Acai Force Max Really Work?

Ok guys, you’ve heard the spin and now you want to know if Acai Force Max really works. You have heard that Acai Force Max promotes lean, ripped, muscular men while providing extra energy all at the same time. Will you really get lean and ripped? That’s up to you! You won’t get anywhere if you sit around thinking about it. Two separate clinical studies have shown what the key ingredients in Acai Force Max can do for you.

In the first study group they tested Acai Force Max against a placebo. The men who took Acai Force Max lost an average of 14.99 pounds as compared to the group taking the placebo that lost an average of 3.06 pounds. Again, in a second clinical study the Acai Force Max group lost an average of 12.54 pounds where the placebo group only lost 3.54 pounds. Both studies were eight weeks in duration. The outcome was amazing! Men who took Acai Force Max along with the diet and exercise regimen lost four and a half times the weight as the placebo group. Think about it! That’s a 450% improvement over going it alone. I don’t know about you, but I like those odds.

And better yet, none of the key ingredients in Acai Force Max are new to the market. Garcinia cambogia extract, chromium polyniconate and gymnema sylvestre extract have long been known to contain biologically active ingredients that not only assist in controlling the appetite but they inhibit the conversion of excess calories into body fat. Acai Force Max may be a new product TO YOU, but the active ingredients have a time tested success rate. So, in answer to your question, YES, IT WORKS!

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