If you are seriously overweight and

If you are seriously overweight and

If you are seriously overweight and you have tried lots of diet regimens in vain, than paying a visit to your doctor for a prescription diet pill is an option to finally lose weight. Note that those drugs are FDA approved diet pills, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to stick to a strict diet and regime exercise.

Those FDA approved weight loss pills are mostly very strong pills which are prescribed for short term use, under strict supervision of your doctor. The only approved diet pill that you can purchase over the counter is Alli. Below is a list of currently FDA approved diet pills:

1. Phentermine is a old weight loss pill, currently sold under the brand Adipex-P in US, and various other names in other countries, pill which is approved only for short term use. It was innitially known under the brand name Fastin. If you want a variation of phentermine, than Phentermine375 is your option.

2. Xenical is a block fatter which works by blocking about 30% of your dietary fat intake. It is prescribed for short term and in order to see results, you have to reduce the amount of fatty foods from your diet. This is actually valid for any fat blocker or fat binder that you take. There are some side effects with this diet pills, mainly digestive problems, if taken incorrectly.

3. Phendimetrazine is also a very strong diet drug approved only for short term use. It is an appetite supressant and it is best known by its brand name, Bontril.

The list of approved prescription diet pills is changing over the years, depending on the side-effects some patients may experience. Some of famous slimming pills withdrawn from the market are ephedra, amphepramone or Tenuate, and sibrutamine or Meridia. The later was an approved weight loss pills for long term use, up to two years. The main side-effects reported with this drug was cardiovascular problems.

A new diet pills approved by FDA is Contrave, which in fact is a combination of two other drugs and you can take it only with a prescription from your doctor and only if your body mass index indicates you are obese.

The problem of obesity is bogging teens and adults alike. This is now one of the topmost besetting dilemmas of peoples all over the world especially those in the affluent countries and economies. This is so because they have an abundance of food on their tables. Another cause of weight gain is due to eating fast-food and unrestrained eating habits of people. With the rise of consumerism, many foods that are proven non-beneficial abound thus causing the storage of fats and calories in the body. Computer gaming’s and sedentary lifestyle are just one of the major causes of body fats to accumulate in body parts especially the tummy and thighs.

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In order to address the problem people resort to dieting and exercise, but sometimes these things are not enough to remove those unwanted fats. For the less likely busy persons, getting into an exercise regimen is no big deal, but work and studies are some of the major factors why most people don’t have the time to exercise. Dieting also entails self discipline and the will power to curve the desire for food and only very few, only the most determined ones are able to stick to the task of cutting on their eating habits.

And so the fastest way to do it is to resort to diet pills. But which are the fastest diet pills indeed? The answer to this depends on each and every person. What is best is to consult a physician before buying any pill from a druggist to ensure that a certain drug is fit for a particular person. We have to remember that there are a lot of factors to be considered in the prescription of a medication and its dosage. Some of these are the person’s age and body mass or weight. A 70 year old prescription is different than that of a teenager for sure. Since every person’s metabolism varies, so is their response to drugs also. Another noteworthy thing to consider is the budget of the person wanting to lose some weight. The costlier the drug, the more potent or efficient it could be.

Since not every pill is the same, it is best to ask for a doctor’s opinion which is the fastest diet pill that will suit a person’s need. Product reviews can also gauge an individual in the selection process. Testimonials of previous users of a particular diet pill can also help to assess whether a certain drug will be effective, but considering the possible side effects of drugs which may differ from every individual, the best thing to do is to consult a physician as to the kind of diet pill to use.

Being overweight is indeed a big problem and it is often a cause of embarrassment and a reason for having a low self esteem especially in teenagers that is why it should be addressed immediately and properly. With the advent of breakthroughs in medicine, burning fat the fast way and detoxifying the body is possible. Diet pills are a big help in transforming big bodies into an acceptable level. What a relief that they could transform people’s physique thus helping them to live normal lives.