Poor nutrition, not sun exposure, is the true cause of sunburns

Poor nutrition, not sun exposure, is the true cause of sunburns

The reality is that diet and nutrition is everything when it comes to preventing sunburns. The idea that the sun is dangerous and causes sunburns is a medical myth. The root cause of sunburns is poor nutrition, and both healthy eating habits and natural skin care products can keep your skin healthy. But you must receive a daily dose of natural sunlight to be truly healthy. We were born to live under the sun, folks. This isn''t rocket science. If the sun were dangerous, life wouldn''t be thriving on a planet that''s so close to the sun. Instead, we''d be living on Neptune. Apparently, most modern doctors are Neptunians, because they think the sun is evil...

Seriously, the way to prevent sunburns is to avoid all processed foods, never drink soft drinks (see related ebook on soft drinks) or cow''s milk, and consume and abundance of superfoods like chlorella, wheat grass juice, and broccoli sprouts. If you enjoy this article, you may also be interested in an article entitled ''How to slash national health care costs by 90% through education, nutrition, and a ban on junk food marketing.''

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  • - At last, the sun is out and as we dutifully slather on the sun block, more and more of us are beginning to consider what it is we are actually applying to our skin.

    - For those who worry about chemical nasties, part of the problem with sun protection creams is the quantities we need to use - vastly different from a slick of moisturiser once a day.

    - The three main UV-absorbing chemicals - likely to be listed among a mainstream product''s ingredients - are cinnamates, para-aminobenzoic acid and benzophenone.

    - Because these chemicals are potent enough to absorb and render UV rays harmless, there is concern among some biochemists that they may also cause DNA damage in the skin, the very thing that sun-care products are designed to protect against.