Roll on deodorant can cause breast cancer

Roll on deodorant can cause breast cancer

Sweating is a natural. Because sweating is needed when the process of homeostasis. But sometimes sweating becomes a problem if excessive sweating. For deodorant roll on that’s usually an option to control perspiration.

Roll on deodorant is a product whose function is to control perspiration. But do you know if you use roll on deodorant can cause breast cancer? Moreover there is also a link with the disease whose name Alzhaimer.

Kimi compounds that trigger breast cancer is the emergence of Aluminum Chlorohydrate. Aluminum Chlorohydrate works to control sweating by closing or menyempikan pores. Aluminum Chlorohydrate ion reacts with the ions in sweat and covered the pores so sweat is not so excluded.

Aluminum Chlorohydrate be a hazard because the Aluminum can be neurotoxic Klorohidrat is absorbed in the network. The accumulation of metal that became one of the causes of cancer.

The cause of subsequent cancers are our own sweat. Buddy must know that sweat is toxic waste from the metabolism of which must be discarded. Just imagine if these toxins are stacked in the body then what will happen. In ilmian this sweat will accumulate in the lymph vessels that are under arms. Hence it can also be a trigger breast cancer.