What to Expect When Seeking CNA Jobs in California

What to Expect When Seeking CNA Jobs in California

In California, there is an extremely high demand for certified nursing assistants most probably due to its large population, as well as the increasing number of senior citizens living within the state.

There are huge number of certified nursing assistant jobs in California for hospitals, hospices, retirement homes, and other types of health care facilities, including in-home personal health care. The certified nursing assistant performs various duties within their specific workplace, functioning as an invaluable member of a health facility. These duties include providing assistance to patients with their daily activities for nurses to be able to concentrate on what must be done for the patients.

They monitor the conditions of the patient and submit reports to nurses, help in performing medical procedures, supervise food as well as liquid intake and output, and take the patient’s vital signs, among others. The CNA is therefore directly in contact with the patient and provides the nurse with all of the necessary information regarding the patient’s condition, must be extremely proficient in emergency procedures, and maintain a calm demeanour during stressful circumstances.

Standard requirements for certified nursing assistants in California

In California, it is the Department of Public Health’s Aide and Technician Certification Section that administers standard requirements for CNA schools in the state. To be a certified nursing assistant here, it is a requirement that a course that is approved by the state is completed. This course lasts for the duration of 150 hours, composed of 50 hours for lectures in a classroom environment, and clinical skills training of 100 hours. To be admitted into a CNA course, the applicant must be at least 16 years old, have a high school diploma or a GED, is able to present a medical certificate, possesses proof of a criminal history background, and has completed all of the requirements for pre-screening.

Jobs Opportunities for CNAs in California

The following are just a few of the certified nursing assistant jobs in California:

  • Highland General Hospital, Oakland Ca. – Will be working under direct supervision, performing various nursing duties related to the care and treatment of different patients, whether in the county hospital or in a clinic, as well as perform related tasks when required.
  • St. Vincent Medical Center, Los Angeles, Ca. – Applicant must have had a year’s experience in the field of acute care and must possess a current CNA license for California.
  • Bright Star, Lake Forest California – Applicant must have at least one year experience in care giving, possess good communication skills, and must have experience in the care of senior citizens.
  • NurseCore Health Care, Santa Maria, Ca. – Applicant must have a current California CNA certificate, a minimum of 1 year experience within a supervised environment, 1 year experience in home health and personal care, and professional references.

Standard Salary for CNAs in California

A certified nursing assistant in California expects to receive an annual average salary of $33,000. A certified nursing assistant who is new in the field may not be able to earn this particular amount at the onset but can anticipate an increase in his salary after about a year of experience. Those who have worked for more number of years can earn the average salary or more yearly.

There is no shortage of certified nursing assistant jobs in California. If you wish to pursue a career as a CNA within the state, you will find that job opportunities abound, for as long as you have fulfilled all the requirements of the state that qualifies you for these available jobs.