Cut ER Wait Time by Making a Reservation

Cut ER Wait Time by Making a Reservation
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People who need to visit the First Choice hospital emergency room in Austin, TX, can take advantage of using the new reservation system to check in at the Austin TX emergency room before their arrival. The ideal system is perfect for patients who cannot see their regular physicians because the offices are closed. Patients can even make reservations a month ahead of time for medical problems that are not emergencies. Favorable feedback from patients who have already used the new emergency reservation system include comments about how easy it is to use.

No More Fretting about Waiting to See a Doctor :

Imagine the following make-believe, yet very conceivable, scenario: It is 3:00 a.m. on a Tuesday night. A young mother who lives in Austin unexpectedly stumbles over a toy on the floor and breaks her toe. Luckily, her teenage son knows about the new emergency reservation system. He goes online and makes an immediate reservation before driving his mother to the emergency facility. By the time she arrives at the Austin, TX, building, the staff already knows about her need to see a doctor immediately.

Some Patients Receive Urgent Care in Less than an Hour :

Prior to the idea of making reservations for medical emergencies, the woman might have had to wait in the waiting room for two or three hours before seeing a doctor. Instead, she sees the doctor in less than one hour. Every day, people face similar situations. The teenage son who made a reservation helped his mother to see a doctor promptly. The physician took an X-ray and provided medical care for her broken toe.

Time Makes a Difference in the Body’s Ability to Heal :

Timely medical care often makes a big difference in the healing of a patient’s body. When a person needs to wait a long time to see a doctor, his or her condition can worsen as the clock continues to click away the minutes that soon turn into hours. Even though every patient may not see a doctor in less than one hour, waiting for several hours is no longer the norm for people who opt to use an online emergency reservation system before they check into a facility for urgent medical care. Click here to make use of the system today.

People do not Pay Fees if they Miss Their Appointments :

Unlike many medical offices that charge patients fees if they miss their appointments without giving 24 or 48 hours advance notice, an emergency appointment made via the reservation system does not come with a fee if the patient needs to opt out. The staff at First Choice hospital emergency room in Austin, TX wants patients to feel comfortable about using the new reservation system. Patients who do not have access to the Internet can call the facility to make reservations.

Patients Let the Staff Know When They Will Arrive :

When a patient makes a reservation, the person informs the facility employee about the approximate time of arrival. Similar to setting up appointments at a doctor’s office, the new reservation process ensures greater efficiency and less time waiting to see a doctor.