Do you have mercury in your teeth?Are you sick? You may have mercury poisoning.

Do you have mercury in your teeth?Are you sick? You may have mercury poisoning.

Do you have mercury poisoning? How many of your teeth have mercury fillings in them? Mercury fillings in your teeth are also called silver or amalgam fillings. I want to share some reliable info with you and share some of my testimonial. The first thing I want to share with you is a website that says the ADA now admits many symptoms of mercury poisoning. They have a lot of info and a list of dentists to use to have your mercury removed. To read all the symptoms of mercury now admitted by the ADA go to the site below and scroll down to mercury poisoning and click on that link for the long list. mercury poisoning symptoms

I developed anemia about a year after getting the mercury fillings. I was only 14 years old. Then I developed sinusitis problems occasionally. I have had chronic fatigue, bad breath, bleeding gums, bone loss, loosening of teeth, enlarged salivary gland, periodontal (gum) disease, sore throat, persistent cough, metallic taste rhinitis, allergies, dizziness, insomnia, ringing in ears, difficulty walking, chronic headaches, failure of muscle coordination, numbness of arms and legs, tingling in fingers, toes, lips and nose. There are thyroid dysfunction, weight loss, pain in joints, cold hands and feet, chronic low body temperature. Frequent urination and Candida to name a few. I also had problems like anxiety, irritability, short attention span, confusion, sleep disturbances. You must be thinking that this is a joke. Believe me it is a nightmare. For help with gum disease go to the link below.

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For more real good help with mercury poisoning go to the link below.

Mercury poisoning can mimic other disorders such as M. S. Mercury is a toxic metal found in the mouth of nearly every American. It has been a standard practice for more than 150 years to put this toxic metal into our mouths. These fillings usually contain silver, copper, tin, zinc and up to 50% mercury. The ADA has said in the past that because a chemical hardening of the material takes place once it is in the mouth, no further absorption of the mercury vapor is possible.

They should go through what I went through. Old fillings can leach out up to 50% of the mercury. Remember I was 13 years old when I got the fillings in my teeth. I had all of my fillings replaced 2 years ago. I was 51 years old at the time.Mercury fillings can cause Candida. Read more of my story at Alkalize.

Please take this problem seriously. Don’t suffer like I did from mercury poisoning and the Candida it caused. Look for a competent dentist. Search the site I gave you above at toxic for a dentist. Make sure the uses a dental dam to protect you. I took some good powered Vitamin C with minerals just before each trip to the dentist. Dr. Robert Preston says Vitamin C neutralizes poisons like mercury, lead and arsenic. It would make sense to start taking the Vitamin C now to help with the problem which looking for a dentist. There is a foundation in Orlando called toxic -free dentistry. Take a look at the picture of me when I was so sick and at only 90 pounds and look at how I look now. I am up to 114 pounds.

For Lisa Marie Presley’s testimonial concerning her mercury poisoning go to

To improve health in this area and all areas of health the first thing to do besides having the fillings removed and taking Vitamin C is to alkalize. Go to:


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