Harbinger Classic WristWrap Gloves

Harbinger Classic WristWrap Gloves

A few years back, when I first started working out, I would walk into the gym with my keys and my id badge to get in along with a water bottle. I began slow as I was pretty thin and not very strong. I would only use machines, no free weights or bench. My reasoning was that all the machines had rubberized handles that were easy on my hands.

After month of working out on machines with little to no gains, I decided to move to free weights so I was targeting muscle groups rather than specific muscles. At this point I began increasing my weights, and with that came large calluses where I was gripping the free weights.

At the time it was tolerable, but after a while, and once i began pastry school, I had to have hands that were callus free, so I decided to invest in a pair of Harbinger Classic WristWrap Glove (Black). I originally bought a pair of Harbinger gloves without the wrist strap. I knew now that because of my low body weight and wrist strength, I was going to need something that had a wrap around feature for my wrists, so I made a return and purchased the WristWraps.


At first look, they appeared pretty simple in design, but upon using them, I noticed that they had a definite padding under the leather right where I had calluses, perfect! The wrist strap is nice as well to use if you dead lift heavy weight and lose grip.


As I had mentioned before, Ive had these gloves for years and they are still holding strong with heavy use 3-4 times a week. Even where the stitching has completely worn away on the palms, the leather panels are still held on. Also I should mention that I machine wash these wit my laundry. This seemed to soften the leather up a bit but in no way effect performance or durability.


Overall I think these gloves are fantastic. Their durability and quality is unsurpassed by any other glove I’ve seen. They are versatile and easy to get on and off. As of now, I don’t even tighten down the Velcro on the WristWrap as I’m trying to build up wrist strength. I would highly recommend this product or if you don’t like the strap idea, I would recommend trying any of Harbingers leather gloves, they are awesome.