Ideas for Painting Walls

Ideas for Painting Walls

So, here you are then, in your new house! Its a bit of a mess though because the previous owner was in a hurry to sell and had been in the middle of redecorating. But, you don’t really mind that though, since it gives you the perfect chance to do your house up exactly the way you want it.

But now you need to decide where everything goes and what colours will suit your rooms, but you still don’t have any wall painting ideas.

So, you eagerly look through your new keys and wander through your new house. The moment you step in through a door ideas assail you. That stylish standard lamp you bought a while ago would look fantastic over there, and you’re pretty sure that your existing couch set will fit in this other room. And you know that a mahogany table would look stunning in the hallway. The only thing you really don’t have much of a clue about are wall painting ideas.

You certainly don’t want to simply splash on a few coats of neutral coloured paint and have done with it. What you want is something special! Something that you can look on with pride every time you see it and, naturally, you want to be able to keep looking at it with pleasure for quite some time to come as well, so it shouldn’t be too over the top.

But where do you get decent wall painting ideas from, and how can you go about getting the wall painting actually done? There are a few ways to go about this, the easiest of which being if you have an artistic streak, so that you could get your wall painting ideas out of your head, so to speak and paint the walls as you like. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t very artistic and we are loathe to pick up a brush or roller and apply the first coat of paint without guidance. In this scenario then, you will need some assistance.

You could begin by hiring a professional decorator to help you decide what would look good or you could sit down and watch some DIY programs on the TV, where they show some pretty good ideas on what to do when decorating a house and will even give you some great wall painting ideas.

If neither of these options is suitable for you, you might just try going down to your local DIY store with fabric swatches and colour sheets of your most prominent pieces of furniture and seek their assistance on stylish wall decorating ideas.

You might come up with a hodge-podge of wall painting ideas with this last suggestion, but I found that it was the one that worked best for me and now I’m very proud of my slightly quirky house. It reflects who I am just perfectly.

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