Its Thoughtful Thursday! Little notes for the Big Kids!

Its Thoughtful Thursday! Little notes for the Big Kids!

So sorry I missed posting last week for Thoughtful Thursday. I was off making memories with my 2 oldest grandsons camping overnight at the National Zoo. AND last Thursday was my friend Gail’s birthday so here is a belated shout out to Gail who really loved that her birthday fell on Thoughtful Thursday!

So the other day while I was out shopping for camping supplies for the zoo I came across a display of one of the greatest inventions ever. Nope, not the cell phone, computer, iPAD or anything electronic.

Something better.

Post it notes. They are one of my secret addictions. And they were created by accident which makes me love them even more. Great things are created “accidently”. I learned that word early in life since my siblings took great joy in telling me I was an “accident”. Well look what amazing creations can come from accidents. Post it notes and ME!

By the way I now refer to myself as a “surprise”.

Post it notes came about when a scientist at 3M was trying to create a “super glue” and instead came up with a sticky but removable adhesive and the post it note was born.

Since the start of school is right around the corner many parents will be using this handy little invention for lunch box notes. HOWEVER…lets not limit the “lunch box notes” to the younger set. Grown ups Big Kids will love them too. Okay so maybe they don’t carry a lunch box anymore but you can have fun putting the notes in places you KNOW they will find them.

  • On their steering wheel
  • In their purse or wallet
  • on their cell phone
  • laptop
  • pockets
  • bathroom mirror
  • shower

But wait there’s more.

While a sweet note will certainly bring a smile to their face you can also make them laugh. You can find “post its” with funny little sayings. Here are a few I found:

  • Why Yes, I AM looking for a shoe sale!
  • please forward all your complaints to:
  • We make a great team. I leave these notes, you do all the stuff on them.
  • I love my job and my new medication ( I know some nurses who love this one!)

And while I am enlightened and mindful I also have not lost my sense of humor as evidenced by one of my favorites:

  • I meditate. I burn candles. I drink green tea….and I still want to smack someone!

So your assignment for this week is to find some post it notes ( don’t get hung up on this..any old post it note will do), write something sweet, funny, loving, or a quick Hey..I am thinking about you. Put it somewhere where your favorite Big Kid(s) will find it.

Nothing brightens a day like a quick reminder that you are loved!

Post it quick, often and with lots of heart!