Obesity risk threatens the health of Hispanics

Obesity risk threatens the health of Hispanics

Obesity isn''t limited to just African Americans or whites: it turns out that it represents today''s greatest health risk to Hispanics, too. The problem, of course, is found in the lifestyle of anyone suffering from obesity (Hispanic or otherwise). Choosing disease-promoting foods like margarine, soft drinks or breakfast cereals automatically leads to obesity and diabetes. Avoiding physical exercise greatly accelerates the problem.

Preventing obesity is actually quite simple. The problem is that the solutions are not being communicate to the Hispanic population (or any population, for that matter).

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Source: http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/metropolitan/2150605

  • Obesity poses the greatest risk to the health of Texans, particularly Hispanics, the state''s public health commissioner said Friday.
  • "The demand for health services if we don''t reduce obesity is going to overwhelm our medical care system," Sanchez said during a forum at Rice University on identifying problems in Hispanic health and addressing solutions to bridge the gap in health and health care between Hispanics and Anglos.
  • U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona, also at the conference, agreed that obesity is a major concern facing Hispanics, who are more likely to be overweight than people of other ethnicities.
  • Medical studies have shown dramatic increases in the prevalence of Type II diabetes in children -- a disease once called adult-onset diabetes because it was largely confined to adulthood.

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