The way to Activate Windows 7 Working Program on your Pc?

The way to Activate Windows 7 Working Program on your Pc?

The Way To Activate Windows 7 Working Program On Your Pc?

Windows 7 AssessmentI have engaged in computer operation and maintenance for 3 years, contact the market for all old and new models.Tested Windows 7 Ultimate license key, Home Premium and other streamlining edition on the netbook, but it maked me disappointed. So I turned to use again.However, yesterday after the use of windows 7 I finally satisfied. Here to talk about the performance of this system.Test models: Acer one D270 2G RAM, 1.6GHz Atom CPU, Intel 945 set was, 160G hard drive, aero test in full, desktop glass effect, transparent effect to open state.1.The time of U Ghost disk to install is 10 minutes; the drivers complete successfully installed then.2. In the installation of MSN / Firefox / skype and other essential software, the boot time of 24 seconds, more rapid clean!3. At the same time open the IE home page 5 occupancy rate of 45% of the CPU, memory is 300MB;At the same time to open PPS + MSN resolution of 1300 × 768 when, CPU and down 95%, memory at 800mb, but the video is still smooth, did not cardBut at the same time to open IE 5, there is a little card machine phenomenon.3. Standby CPU up and down 7%; memory 200mb or less.4. Running Microsoft Office license key and Photoshop 8 Starter Edition smoothly.5. Overall, in the ordinary daily tasks, in which the Internet, can easily do the job. No big difference compared with the xp can be ignored!The inadequacies of this system is1. Install update updates, some updates can not be installed, and the remaining normal.2. Right-click the desktop computer - management, shall use the Device Manager, this component can not be opened because some functions are streamlined. However, in the Control Panel - Device Manager in normal operation, although a little awkward, but generally do not have this feature can also be skipped!3. Other deficiencies have been found, but along with time, I will continue to write their areas for improvementIn general, if the xp system to score 100 points, then I give this system a score of 85 points! If a higher installed on your system configuration, I think the effect should be 99 points!The problem the following problems:1, IE home page to be detained. The problem is not big, but it will make me the details of the system packaging and other aspects of the time is perfect could not help but to wonder.2, desktop computer right of the "management" can not open.3, many win7 optimization software, such as: windows optimization master, windows7 optimize the master and so on, turn on a feature set abnormal error. (Estimated part of the problem will affect the software will open an exception)4, the footprint is not low; double-click the software to run more slowly.5, the system streamlined too much, causing the system over and over again by Microsoft engineers, the function of the interface can not be good, leading to some of the features and most of the software to open the occasional pause a few seconds.The only advantage is that disk space is low, about Bahrain only 2G, but for some three to five hundred G''s computer hard drive, it is just a little case.

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