Weight Loss Program-Walking Shoes

Weight Loss Program-Walking Shoes

The Easy Way to Sweat and Burn

walker, former editor for the Walking Magazine, host of the new

PBS show, American''s Walking as well as the author of many

books on walking. He said that "Walking helps you look and feel

younger, reduce stress, improve immune function, achieve your

But, if you were in the

Northern Army during the Civil War 150 years ago, you would be

issued a pair of shoes. However, they weren''t left foot and

right foot, they were the SAME foot. You WORE them into being a

left walking shoe and a right walking shoe!

Now, if you were in the

Confederate army during the Civil War, you were probably bare

footed or wore inferior footware because the South couldn''t

afford them due to the Union blockade or lack of

men in both the Union and Confederate armies routinely made

25 mile marches across the terrain. I can not

believe how they could function after these marches but it is a

GOOD thing we have excellent walking shoes today

is still one of the best way to sweat and melt fat from

important for a number of reasons. For many people the driving

force behind their active lifestyle is health. They want to

keep their heart and body healthy and to do that they watch

what they eat and engage in workout routines that works the

heart, body and lungs. You don’t need to spend a great deal of

money to keep your body moving. Although a gym membership is

wonderful if you have the financial means and time to do that,

power walking for exercise will give you great results too. All

you need is good walking shoes and you are good to

We’re inundated with so many different fat loss

formulas and workout plans that it can be challenging

trying to decide on which approach is the best one. People

who have lost weight and kept it off for a number of years

will tell you that it’s more about changing how you view

nutrition and exertion than it is about a short term

solution. Walking for exercise is something that almost

everyone can work into their bustling lifestyles and keep

neighborhood with a park is a plus when it comes to a daily

walk. Many people also include their four-legged friend when

they are walking for exercise. This is a great way for both you

and the dog to keep in shape. It’s also a nice idea if you are

new to the neighborhood and are uncomfortable about walking

alone. And "Spot" is going to love you for it!!!

The weather can put a damper

on your daily workout routines. If you’ve grown accustomed to

doing your walking for exercise outside in fresh air, consider

purchasing a treadmill for the days you need to stay inside.

You don’t need an expensive model although it’s advised you do

choose one that is motorized. The manual style of treadmill

does work but it requires a great deal more exertion on the

part of the walker. So be sure to wear excellent walking

shoes to minimize the stress on your feet.

Music goes hand in hand with

getting up and sweating. If you’ve got an iPod you can take

that along when you go walking for exercise. You should choose

upbeat songs that will help you keep your pace up. A slow song

at the beginning and the end of the work-out will help ensure

that you get a warm-up and a cool-down in your daily workout

As time goes by think about

increasing the time you spend active each day. If you began

with ten minutes of walking time three times a week, slowly

work that up to thirty minutes four times a week. Every extra

step you take when you are walking for exercise is going to

help you get and stay in shape.

So start walking and melt off all

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