What is ObesityWhat is Obesity? Surely

What is ObesityWhat is Obesity? Surely
What is Obesity
What is Obesity

What is Obesity? Surely enough, most people have an idea on what is obesity. Some common definitions of what is obesity are; being extremely fat, unhealthy and overweight. Being overweight, though, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re already obese, yet it is considered as “pre-obese”. Now, what is obesity? In a more expanded meaning, obesity is a condition where body fat increases rapidly to an extent in which your risks of health problems increase as well, decreasing your life expectancy. According to the obesity facts of World Health Organization (WHO) globally, there are more than 1 billion overweight adults, at least 300 million of them are obese.

So how do you know if you’re obese? Symptoms of obesity. One way of knowing if you’re obese is finding out your BMI (Body Mass Index). It is a measurement comparison regarding your height and weight to find out the amount of body fat you have. A BMI under 20 may be underweight. This means you need to eat more. If your BMI is within 20 to 25, your weight is still normal, and you should maintain your proper diet and exercise. If it is over 25, then you are overweight and should consider getting on the treadmill once in a while. A BMI of 35 and above is considered obese and it means you should let go of that donut, get to the gym and exercise for dear life! Or, to save yourself the trouble of measuring your BMI, try reaching for your toes. If you couldn’t reach it, then it’s probably time to do some sit ups.

What is Obesity – Causes?

Basically, being obese is a result of eating more than what your body actually needs. And like what they say, “too much of anything isn’t good for anyone.” Another factor is your body’s metabolism. Then again, obesity should not be blamed only on food intake. Have you ever seen little children looking all cute and chubby running around in the playground eating ice cream? Then later on picked up by a bigger version of them? Well, that’s because obesity could also be inherited from parents. So should we go on blaming our parents? Probably! But obesity cannot be blamed on genetics alone. Environmental factors is actually a greater influence; like the way the child is raised, family diet, diet in culture, activities done within the family and many more.

What is Obesity – Risks?

Although it may seem fun to just sit on the couch all day eating your favorite bag of chips and drinking a can of soda, you should really consider these risks.

- Heart diseases

- Type 2 diabetes

- Risk of cancers

- High blood pressure

- Breathing problems

- Arthritis

How to prevent or cure this?

I’m sure you’ve heard of this very cliché suggestion – “With proper diet and exercise!” Yes, it’s always been said but it’s basically the only way, unless you want to pay expensive liposuction treatments. Also, be aware of your diet. Unconsciously, we humans tend to eat, eat, eat and eat. As long as we’re munching on something, we’re happy! You should know that, it’s ok to eat your favorite food. Just learn how to balance your diet with exercise. No need for a calculator to compute calories. Just make sure that you get rid of all the unnecessary fats you put in your body with exercise. Find a fun sport, walk your dog, run up and down the stairs, lift some weights, dance! There are so many ways to get your body moving and get into a healthy lifestyle, and defeat what is obesity.