Whats Love Got To Do With It

Whats Love Got To Do With It

Hello Ann here again,

Ann Carni

On this Valentines Day how did you fare, did the long-stemed red roses and beautifull red bow wrapped boxed chocolates arrive at your front door or office ? Or the romantic dinner invitation at the best restaurant in town over looking the ocean or mountains come via the sexy voice of your loved one over the phone.

I know I’m not even close am I, well I didn’t get the goodies and the invite either, not today anyway, but once-upon-a-time I could gloat about a couple of Valentines Day events. Life gets complicated, we all get busy with our careers, jobs, parenting and just daily life in general and not to mention that pay-check needs to stretch further these days.

My hubby has done thousands of great deeds for me as I have reciprocated the kindness and love for him over the years. Everyday we have made the effort to have a good conversation over a cuppa , simple as that. And it’s the simple things in life that matter the most, being together, sharing the up and downs, working as a team and really connecting.

So if your with your loved one sharing a beer or a bottle of bubbly while eating a block of cadbury chocolates lying on the couch watching T.V. so be it, enjoy. Even if your home alone, enjoy being in love with yourself, not everyone is out enjoying fine dining. Just wait till he gets the bill, bet that wipes the smile off his face, for just a second anyway. So whats love got to do with it ? possibly everything.

Seriously I wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day, I’m staying home munching on strawberries as I’ve just started a 30 day 100% raw challenge today.



Strawberry forever
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