just keep going….

just keep going….

I went for a run on Friday night. Well I tried, but only managed 200m before pulling up and deciding I couldn’t do it. I don’t know what it was, and in the ensuing days I have mulled it over. At the time I spat the dummy, decided I wasn’t going to get to my goal of 10km, it was all too hard and I just wasn’t a runner.

From here I could have gone one of two ways, given up on the spot because it was all too hard, or get out there and just keep going. Thankfully I choose the latter, got up bright and early on Saturday morning, and managed the longest run so far in my training program.


I’m finding that so much about running is mental health. The belief that you can go that little bit further each time. Because if you’re training right, your body can physically do it, it’s your mind that has to get you there.

So back to what happened on Friday night. I’m putting it down to being exhausted after a busy week, and not picking the right time to train. As a result I’m going to try and listen to my body more; if I’m super tired after a busy week, there is nothing wrong with a nice big walk. As long I get out there the next day and just keeping going!

It’s now week three of the Fernwood Fitness Beach Bod Boost, and I think I’m tracking pretty well. I’m able to train harder at the gym, my recovery during sprints is getting shorter and the boy and I have been eating a diet of nutritious meals full of colour. Fingers crossed for my weigh in tomorrow, I’ll keep you posted.

M x