Cancer Treatment Coaching

Cancer Treatment Coaching

Once you have read my ”Cancer-Free(Second or Third Edition)”book, I am available for additional coaching. I have learned two lessons after five and one half years of coaching like this:

First, only telephone coaching works. There is too much gained from interaction with the cancer patient or his/her loved one. E-mails just don’t work. Here’s an example from a lady in Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles:

“Dear Bill,

Many thanks for spending the time the other day – I felt it was extremely valuable. Having read your book so long ago, it was also a good refresher to get me back on track. . I have chased the suppliers of the vitamins and will also purchase the Cellect. Thereby, I will be taking all the vitamins you recommend, plus the FO/CC, Cellect and apricot kernels. I will make an appointment next week for the panoramic x-ray of my teeth and send it off. I will order “The Emotion Code.” I am seriously thinking of declining chemotherapy if it is offered to me.

What I felt was most valuable to me with your coaching call was that it gave me hope to carry on with the alternative treatment. I was starting to doubt it after the last progression of my disease. I can see some of the things I have been doing wrong and plan to correct them.

You provide a fantastic service Bill and give us all hope! I believe in your therapy and hope to be one of the long term survivors. I will keep in touch.

Very best regards and I wish you a terrific 2009.

(Yvonne Sherwin – Ruyssenaers)”

Second, the first call usually lasts about 90 minutes. Almost always, additional calls when questions come up are needed by the “coachee.” Often these are “time-sensitive.”

In short, a lot of my time is required to do an adequate job of explaining to you, the cancer patient, or your loved one exactly “what I would do if I were you.”

Understand that as a mere “reporter,” I can’t give individual recommendations to the people I talk to in this way. I am not a medical professional. I can simply answer questions about the regimen recommended in my book and discuss the probable causes of the cancer based on the patterns I’ve seen in talking like this to about 3,000 cancer patients.

If that appeals to you, please click below to pay the 0 fee for this service. This fee can be paid by either credit card, PayPal or check. Your statement will show a charge by “ClickBank.” I receive immediate notification of your purchase from ClickBank.

This fee covers unlimited calls to me and my return calls to you at any time during your cancer experience. Once you have paid the fee, you will be told how to contact me. There will be an “800″ number for those of you in the U.S. For those outside the U.S., there will be another number for you to call. I am in the Pacific Time Zone of the U.S. (GMT minus 8 hours.)

If you contact me by e-mail and give me a phone number and time to call you, be sure to use the password you will be given in the “Subject” line of your e-mail and tell me what time zone you are in.

I want to help you recover complete health. Please feel free to use this service whenever you have questions about any of the information in my book.

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