Free Guidelines to Do You Actually Need To Diet? Health and Fitness Blog -

Free Guidelines to Do You Actually Need To Diet?  Health and Fitness Blog -

December 22, 2008Free Guidelines to Do You Actually Need To Diet?

Weight loss is a big issue around the world, when so many young girls (and boys) are suffering from anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders. Dieting can be a very good and necessary thing, but can also turn un-necessarily into something tragic that affects millions {family and friends included); and may even cause death. Knowing when you need to lose weight and when you do not is important in the finding the right balance between personal health, good self image and the dangers of over-dieting.

Losing Weight Is A Personal Choice.

It’s useful to remember that slimming is often a very personal choice. However, if you are more than 20 pounds overweight, losing the pounds is important for your health. In making your choice about losing weight, taking a look at the recommended weight for someone of your height is where you should start. Everyone’s body is different. We all have a different fat to muscle ratio. It’s good advice to see your doctor if you feel like you need to lose weight. A doctor can confirm this or put your mind to rest by telling you that your weight is normal. This is the best way to make sure that you do or don’t need to diet to be healthy.

You Don’t Need To Lose Weight..

There are also times, however, when you definitely do not need to lose weight. First, if you aren’t as thin as your favorite actor or model, that doesn’t mean you need to lose weight. Often, models and actresses are airbrushed in photos to look more toned. Often they have personal trainers that work with them for hours every day, to help them stay in shape. If your body weight is normal, you do not need to lose weight, even if you are a dress size bigger than your ideal celebrity.

But I’ve gained Some Weight..

Your don’t need to lose weight just because you gain it! People put on weight for a number of reasons. It’s important for teens to realize that this is especially common during puberty, and for the few years after. If you gain weight check out the rest of your body—are you going through a growth spurt in height as well? Remembering that muscle to fat ratio is also a factor: don’t worry about gaining weight when you are lifting at the gym. As you tone your muscles, you will look better, but because muscles are heavier than fat, you may actually gain weight!

Lastly, you don’t need to lose weight simply because someone else makes a rude comment about your looks. People can be cruel, and everyone has a different body make up. You can’t be part of every social groups idea of body type. If you are happy with your weight and it is within the normal range for someone of your age and height, then chances are that the rude comment is just a fixed idea someone has, and not a sign you actually do need to lose weight.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to be happy: be happy with yourself and eat a healthy diet; and you shouldn’t need to worry about losing weight.

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