How To Purchase Your Kombucha

How To Purchase Your Kombucha

Kombucha Prices

One Kombucha - 15.00 - includes Free Shipping and Handling

Two Kombucha - $20.00 - includes Free Shipping and Handling

Three Kombucha - $25.00 - includes Free Shipping and Handling

Multiple Kombucha orders are shipped in the same container, that is, if you purchase 2 or 3 cultures, they are packed together in one container with sufficient sweet tea for their journey. Single pricing applies for separate orders.

Payment Options

1. You may call us directly at our toll free number - 1-866-370-0090 and pay by Credit Card.

2. You may click here to go to our secure server and provide your purchase information.

3. You may mail us a personal check for the total order plus shipping and handling.

4. You may mail us a money order for the total order plus shipping and handling.

5. You may pay via telephone check by calling us at our toll free number 1-866-370-0090

6. You may pay by credit card via Pay Pal''s secure server. Our PayPay payment email address is:

To Purchase your culture, please call us directly
toll free 1-866-370-0090
or our local number in Port St. Joe, Florida

©2003, 2004 Barbara Schadt-Delozier; All Rights Reserved.

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