Please be careful! Hoodia is VERY potent

Please be careful! Hoodia is VERY potent

Eliminate your hunger with HoodiaPatch™ and make your weight loss easier and faster!

By significantly reducing your appetite, HoodiaPatch™ will ensure you eat less, whilst also helping you to follow even the strictest of diets.

It makes sense… simply place the HoodiaPatch™ onto your arm and experience better control over what you eat.

No rabbit food, no calorie counting. This helps you at the most basic level to succeed in losing weight . . .

By controlling your appetite, you will have ultimate control over what you eat. Make losing weight painless with HoodiaPatch™.

With HoodiaPatch™ you can:

  • Reduce your appetite thanks to the power of hoodia!
  • Consume less calories and lose weight quicker.
  • Follow any diet by being able to control your appetite directly!

By simply using HoodiaPatch™ everyday, you will get to experience all day appetite suppression GUARANTEED!

Just imagine how much weight you will able to lose by reducing your appetite? You will be able to say NO to snacks and fatty foods and say YES to a slimmer, healthier and happier you.

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How HoodiaPatch™ works for your weight loss

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HoodiaPatch™’s one and ONLY ingredient is the hoodia gordonii.

Hoodia gordonii is an incredibly powerful cactus, which is world renowned as nature’s most powerful natural appetite suppressant.

The hoodia gordonii cactus is indigenous to the South African plains in the Kalahari desert where it grows wild. There, tribes people eat cuttings of the cacti to eliminate their hunger during long hunting trips, and allow them to go for days without food or water.

But why does hoodia eliminate your hunger?

Obviously something as powerful as this dosen’t go unnoticed for long, and research was undertaken by major pharmaceutical companies to identify WHY the hoodia plant was such a powerful anti-obesity drug.

The key to hoodia’s success was that it contained a crucial component within the hoodia gordonii cacti itself: the P-57.

In early tests, it was shown that when the hoodia was consumed, the P-57 would work in a similar to way to glucose, fooling the brain into thinking that the body has eaten enough and therefore allowing you to believe you are full and go on without food for extended periods of time.

In fact in one study, the BBC exclusively revealed that hoodia was shown to cause people to eat 40% less than when they weren’t taking a hoodia supplement!

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Slimming patches are superior to weight loss pills

Did you know that HoodiaPatch™ is one of the ONLY hoodia gordonii supplements that can deliver the hoodia to you in a high end trans-dermal patch?

With HoodiaPatch™, you really do get the best of both worlds; the awesome appetite suppression that can only come from hoodia, and the RAPID, fast delivery system that comes only from HoodiaPatch™!

Why patches are better than pills

One of the biggest problems with pills is that for the active agent to reach you it has to go via your stomach acid, which can often destroy delicate and pure supplements.

Therefore with hoodia pills, is might be full of the powerful hoodia supplement, but the minute you swallow the pill, the majority of the delicate supplement will be destroyed during digestion, meaning that only a small amount of the hoodia’s essentially appetite destroying enzyme (the P-57) is absorbed!

Patches mean you get ALL the dose… & QUICKLY

Trans-dermal patches have gotten better and better over the years, and have been used to help treat a number of conditions, such as nicotine patches, which have helped thousands of people every month give up smoking.

Now this amazing patch technology is available for people looking to zap their appetite and FINALLY lose weight.

Trans-dermal patches WORK because the hoodia’s active appetite blocking agent is absorbed into the skin.

This means that the patches’ ingredients bypass your stomach (avoid being destroyed) and successfully go straight into your blood stream!

From here the active ingredient will reach your brain quickly, convincing your body that you are full. HoodiaPatch™ really is the quickest way to convince your body that you do not want to eat anymore.

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Medical proof that hoodia will make you slim!

Ever since its discovery, hoodia has been tested in a number of clinical studies, all of which have been incredibly promising about its ability to help you lose weight and eliminate your appetite.

Clinical study: Reduces caloric intake by 50%!

In fact, a clinical study on human eating habits revealed some startling results about the hoodia plant:

“Subjects given hoodia ended up eating about 1,000 calories a days less than those in the control group.

To put that in perspective, the average American man consumes about 2,600 calories a day; a woman about 1,900.” Taken from 60 minutes (CBS)

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As you can see this is amazing! By taking hoodia, this meant that people ate 50% less than they usual do.

Imagine what would happen if you quite happily only ate half the amount of food everyday? Just imagine how much slimmer and better about yourself you would feel.

Do you wonder how some of your friends are able to lose weight in a sensible manner? And with SUCH EASE? Well now you know!

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