Sedu hair of straightener is the most efficient hair of straightener.

Sedu hair of straightener is the most efficient hair of straightener.

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Reviewer: Sarah from Orlando, FL

I have very thick wavy hair and it has always been such a process for me to get it straight! I read reviews on this product (the sedu hair of straightener) and decieded to give it a shot.........IM SO GLAD I DID!!! This is the best hair straightner I have EVER used (and I have been through a couple)! Nothing has gotten my hair more straight then the Sedu hair of straightener. I have tried the sedu hair of straightener on my friends hair as well and now they all want a sedu hair of straightener also because of how wonderful the results were! I stand by this product 101 percent!

THe sedu hair of straightener is probably The BEST hair straightener Fri Feb 11 2005
Reviewer: Brittney from College Station, Texas

I got the sedu hair of straightener based on all of the great reviews. This hair straightner is awesome!

I have naturally curly, frizzy hair and live in Texas where it is very humid. It used to take me 45 minutes on a good day to blow dry my hair and straighten it in 6 different sections. Now, all I do is go to bed with my hair wet, wake up with my hair wild and dry, and then straighten it all in 15-20 minutes with the sedu hair of straightener. The sedu hair of straightener leaves my hair silky, very shiny, and SUPER straight. I love it!!! Make sure you put a product on your hair to protect it from the high temperature, just as a percaution (which should be done with any kind of heat you put on your hair).