The key to power

The key to power

highly acclaimed best-seller ever since it was first published in the

complete and unabridged downloadable "e-book" edition will rock your world forever!

you ever looked for The Key that would open

the door to your dream life? Would you like to achieve any of the






This new incredible discovery hit me like a ton of bricks. What I had discovered would give me an incredibly easy way to

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your answer to any of these questions is yes, then please take a little

time to read this page very carefully. In the next few minutes you

will learn exactly how all of these things are not only possible, but

are automatic when you discover and master The

For years I dreamed of a better life in what can

often be a difficult world. I wanted a dynamic and 100% reliable

method which would help me make my dreams come true and solve all my

problems in one mighty swoop. I

used to think how nice it would be to find a one-stop self-improvement

technology which had the power to improve every aspect of my life in a

matter of weeks - or preferably even faster.

than just dreaming and thinking, I actually started looking for

something that might fit the bill. In fact, for over 13 years I

spent the majority of my time reading books, listening to tapes,

attending seminars and watching videos in the hope that one of them

might provide me with The Key I so

explored positive thinking, visualization, affirmations, the millionaire

mentality and many more approaches that I''m sure you''re already

familiar with. Unfortunately, although many of these provided a

temporary glimmer of hope or a transitory burst of motivation, none of

them came even close to providing the genuine, long-term benefits I

than giving up my quest for The Key,

I decided to go it alone and find the answers I wanted for myself.

I studied thousands of different variables which might be responsible

for total success, prosperity, health and happiness. I explored

everything from beliefs, attitudes and habits, right through to

subconscious programming and the untapped power of the human mind.

you might have already guessed, this page exists because my search

eventually proved more fruitful than I could ever have imagined.

finally found what I was looking for...

course, initially I was more than a little skeptical. After all,

how is it that I could have stumbled across something so special and

powerful whilst others hadn''t done the same thing? To test just

how effective The Key really was, I

applied it to my own life in three major areas:

I applied it to my financial status. Within just five months I

had tripled my income. I left my cramped rented home and

bought a much larger house in the country with so much garden space I

had trouble knowing what to do with it.

I applied it to my personal life. This time the results were

immediate. I quit smoking overnight with no withdrawal

symptoms and found myself brimming with energy and vitality.

I applied The Key to my

relationships, and boy, did I get a shock! Almost

immediately people started reacting to me differently. I developed

an almost mystical kind of charisma which had very beneficial effects

when communicating with other people. In short, I found that I

always get my own way - not because I pressured people, but simply

because people felt compelled to please me!

most amazing was the fact that these results were just the tip of the

iceberg! Today I have complete control over every aspect of my

life. I know how to enjoy as much money, passion, energy,

confidence, success and happiness as I want.

1998 my secrets were published in the United Kingdom as a unique

study program called The Key To Power.

It was quickly branded, "The most powerful and effective study

program in the world!" and I was inundated with letters from

students who shared their personal breakthroughs with me.

who had suffered from addictions for years were breaking free in a

who had struggled with their body weight or shape for decades were

getting toned, slim and sexy physiques in a matter of weeks.

who had never been able to earn more than an average income (at best)

were finally getting the kind of wealth they had only ever dreamed

with less than satisfying personal relationships were getting more

friends, more joy and more happiness. And many students reported

that their sex lives had improved 1000% in matter of days!

some seven years after The Key To Power was

originally published in the UK, I have given my permission for it to be

released complete and unabridged in a downloadable format so that people from all over

the globe can make the same kind of breakthroughs. But before I

tell you more about that, let me first make an important detour...

after I had started applying the secret knowledge which I called The Key

To Power, I discovered that I was

the only person to know about these techniques.

are in fact a few other people in the world who have discovered the same

secret knowledge for themselves and who share it in very low-profile

seminars costing tens of thousands of dollars - sometimes hundreds of

so secretive is The Key that the people who share

in this way have fast developed a cult-like status among

"followers". That''s how powerful The Key really is!

I don''t want to develop a cult-like status. And I have never

wanted to charge people tens of thousands of dollars for The

Key. Instead, I''m interested in sharing it with people

who really need it - people who are in the same kind of position that I

was in all those years ago. That''s why I agreed to the publication

of The Key To Power in 1998, and

that''s also why I have agreed to make the complete and unabridged text available as

Ready To Change Your Life Forever!

Key To Power is a comprehensive experiential self-study

program which consists of twelve separate Power Levels.

The brand new downloadable edition exceeds 110 pages and is presented in the

give you some idea of what lies in store for you, here are just some of

the things that you will be able to do once you have mastered all twelve

levels of The Key To Power...

as much material wealth as you desire - faster than you ever

thought possible. It doesn''t matter how much you have now, or

even if you''re up to your eyes in debt, The

Key To Power will enable you to succeed massively in the

that if anyone is ever going to get a "lucky break" in

life, it''s going to be you.

any bad habit instantly, including smoking, drinking,

nail-biting or any others you want rid of.

weight, gain weight or create the physique of your dreams in a

matter of weeks - with certainty!

a new lover or revolutionize your existing relationship with a mind-blowing

stress-free and enjoy peace of mind regardless of the

a winner in almost any situation.

other people to want to help you in any way they can - and

without you having to exert pressure on them in any shape or form!

any skill (such as speaking a foreign language or playing a

musical instrument) in a quarter of the time it takes the average

100% self-reliant and break out of the rat-race forever.

is a great deal more that I could put here, but these few examples

should make it clear that The Key To Power

is no run-of-the-mill study programme. It is unique in both content and

quality, but most of all, in results!

the time you complete Power Level #12 of The

Key To Power, you will feel like a totally different

person. I know this for a fact, because by that time you will be

a totally different person! These aren''t just fancy words, they''re

Key To Power will enable you to become the

of person you have always wanted to become.

Key To Power will enable you to live the

of life you have always wanted to live.

I don''t know you personally, but I do know that if you are anything like

I was twenty years ago, you want something more. You are like a

Clark Kent who has forgotten to become a Superman!

down that there has got to be a "key" or a "secret"

to getting the life you want, but so far it has eluded you.

me tell you here and now that The Key To Power

is The Key and The Secret all rolled into

one! If it weren''t so then how come other people share similar

high-level teachings for hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Obviously, such fees are paid only because the technology really does

The Key To Power for yourself and I

assure you that, by the time you have completed Power Level #12

(in around twelve weeks if you follow the suggested study schedule) your

eyes will have been opened. You will have "woken up" to

a whole new kind of life. You will be experiencing more money,

passion, success, peace of mind, energy, health and clarity than you

may help at this point if I spend a few moments answering some of the

most common questions people ask when hearing about The Key To Power for

The Key To Power A Religion?

not. The Key To Power consists

of twelve Power Levels which, when mastered, will give you

the power to create your own personal reality in any way you

choose. The actual technologies used are based on a new synergy of

completely natural sciences and can be followed by anyone regardless of

The Key To Power is so good, why are you sharing it?

agreed to publish The Key To Power

in 1998 because, as you will know when you have studied the system

yourself, there is no need to keep it to oneself. My own

experience of The Key is in no way diluted if I share it with

others. Rather, it is actually increased. May aim has

therefore always been to make The Key To Power

available to people who are genuinely looking for a one-stop

self-improvement technology that works in the real world.

Long Does The Program Take To Complete?

Key To Power is designed so that you can study at your own

pace in the comfort of your own home. The suggested study rate is

to complete one Power Level each week, which means that

the entire program will be completed in twelve weeks. But if you

wish to progress at a different rate then you are free to do so.

Is It Like To Have Mastered The Key To Power?

be frank, almost indescribable. Imagine being able to accumulate

as much financial wealth as you desire, or to enjoy real passion in your

personal relationships, or to lose weight and create the physique of

you have mastered Power Level #12 you will have total

control over every aspect of your life. You will be able to be, do

and have whatever you desire. In a nutshell, you will be the

closest thing possible to a super-man or woman.

The Key To Power Positive Thinking?

The Key To Power is not based on

positive thinking, re-birthing, visualization, affirmations or any of

the other old-hat ideas. Neither is it a course in business or

psychology. Instead, it is a complete, self-contained synergy of

holistic and natural sciences which will enable you to integrate the

power of your mind and body for truly life-changing results. It is

a science of personal power, pure and simple.

I Need Talent To Make The Key To Power Work?

at all. The Key To Power will

work for anyone, regardless of talent, intelligence or background.

If you can read and understand the words on this page then The

Key To Power will work for you. The only thing that can

stop it working is if you refuse to study the program when you receive

lot less than you think. But first, let me specify exactly what

will receive The Key To Power in its

brand new revised and expanded downloadable e-book form, which exceeds 110

twelve Power Levels which will provide you with all of the

You Request Your Copy Of The Key To Power Today,

Will Also Receive All Of The Following FREE

free one year subscription to The Key To Power Monthly. This is an

incredibly informative newsletter which is e-mailed directly to Key To

Power users all over the globe. Each issue contains one complete Power

Template which you can use as instructed in Power Level

free copy (in PDF format) of The Abundance Formula by Zak Monroe.

This is a complete and powerful formula which is specifically designed

to help you generate a flood of prosperity and abundance - once and for

all! It doesn''t matter who you are, this method can totally

revolutionise your financial life and open up the floodgates of wealth.

The Key To Power, this formula is so

powerful that no faith or positive thinking is required! It

doesn''t matter if you believe the formula will work or not - it will

free copy (in PDF format) of The Secrets Of Manifestation by

Nathan Harper. Written by an early (1998) student of The

Key To Power, this is a unique treatise on the natural laws

of the universe, and spans over ten thousand words.

only does the author define the laws and how they work,

also presents detailed instructions on how you can begin working with

these natural laws of the universe to

Now For The Best Surprise Of All...

you consider the value of all the above, just how much would you expect

to pay for the complete package? $300? $400? I must admit, even

$500 would be a good deal, especially when you remember that The

Key To Power enables you to accumulate as much material

wealth as you desire, on top of everything else.

the best surprise of all is that you can receive The Key To Power and

all three of the bonuses mentioned a moment ago for a ridiculously low

so little? Because I''m already financially successful, and I

already know how to accumulate as much as I desire!

fact is, I''m in the fortunate position of not needing your

money. The Key To Power did

that for me, and it will do the same for you, if you give it a chance.

charging such a low amount for everything you''ve read about on this page, I am

aiming to make the incredible technology of The

Key To Power within reach of absolutely anyone who wants to use

the question is, do you want to use it?

you still want to achieve the following goals...






your answer is still yes, then...

you have paid for The Key To Power

on the link above and using the Clickbank service,

will be taken to the download page where you can immediately download The Key To Power

information package is provided in PDF format, so you

need the Adobe Reader installed on your computer to

the file. If you do not already have this software,

will also be provided with a download link so that

can download Adobe Reader without charge.

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